About Us

Our team consists of talented and academic painters. We bring a lot of enthusiasm for our work aiming for high standards. We paint unique and high-quality backdrops. All of them are handmade painted. We have backdrops in stock but backdrops also could be ordered in different colors and sizes, according to your taste and needs.  Depending on the texture we want to achieve, our backdrops are treated with or without gesso. Backdrops are painted with water-based acrylic color.

Shipping and Pay

Shipping is all over the world. Before shipping each background is placed in the tube, which protects backdrop from damage during transportation. Shipping is by FedEx and you get your own tracking number and you are in touch with delivery. Delivery time is 3-12 business days.
You can pay your backdrop by PayPal.

Contact Info:

e-mail   arterybackdrops@gmail.com

WhatsApp: +381641093645

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